15% Motocross Graphic Discount!

Custom Motocross Number Plate Pricing   Price   D23
Big Bike with Airbox Set:  $64   $54 
85cc Number Plate Set:  $58   $49 
65cc Number Plate Set:  $55   $47 
50cc Number Plate Set:  $51   $43 
Prices include design time & logos

Custom Motocross Bike Kit Pricing   Price   D23
Kawasaki Big Kit:  $160   $135 
KTM Big Kit:  $160   $135 
Honda Big Kit:  $160   $135 
Suzuki Big Kit:  $160   $135 
Yamaha Big Kit:  $160   $135 
Prices include design time & logos

Custom Motocross Shroud Pricing   Price   D23
Custom Big Shrouds:  $70   $59 
Custom 85cc Shrouds:  $65   $55 
Custom 65cc Shrouds:  $60   $51 
Custom 50cc Shrouds:  $55   $47 
Prices include design time & logos

Welcome to Graphic USA & thank you for visiting! All Minnesota District 23 riders get a 15% discount so big bike number plates are only $54 and even less for small bikes with no hidden or extra costs.
Motocross News from Minnesota

2013 graphics are ready to be made as the bikes come out.   Just send a request and I'll let you know if I have your 2013 bike ready to make in the fall of 2012!

2012 Loretta Lynn graphics are sent. Good luck in Tennessee!

I'm just about caught up for the 2012 spring rush of making graphics. If you need something, just let me know.

I've added quite a few new sponsor logos for the 2012 season. Have a look right here for what I already have. If I don't have what you need I should be able to add it.

I've added quite a few images of graphics that I've made here at Graphic USA on the Facebook page. Have a look and when I get more time after the spring rush, I'll add more here too.

Graphic USA is now on Facebook. From there you can see examples, leave comments or send a message or question. Also be sure to click on the "Like" button!

The 2011 year-end District 23 Banquet will be at Treasure Island Casino in Hastings. Click here for AMA District 23 page for details.

Good luck to all D23 riders at Loretta's 2011! I'd love to be there but I'll be watching the live timing instead. See ya' when you get back. --Gregg

I will once again make a free set of numbers for Graphic USA riders going to Loretta's 2011. Just let me know as soon as you get your number so I can get them in the mail in time. --Gregg

Recent Updates at Graphic USA
15% Discount for 2013! District 23 riders will once again get a 15% discount on all graphics during the 2013 season. Order early before the spring rush starts!

2012 motocross bike graphics are on the track for the new season! I've created many new designs for quite a few riders and I try to make something unique for everyone. Even using the best materials available, the prices can't be beat. Why settle for a poor imitation when you can get Graphic USA decals for your bike in 2012! --Gregg

Find sponsor logos for racing number plates, shrouds, fenders and other custom graphics right here. I'm adding more motocross logos all the time and I'll be happy to add your company logo to the Graphic USA collection for your sponsored rider. You will need to email the logo in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw format so just use the contact page for submission.

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